Monday, September 6, 2010

Big Hoss

I'm not sure why... but I'm addicted to Pawn Stars. It's a simple show on the History Channel about a family run Pawn Shop business in Las Vegas. This is Corey "Big Hoss" Harrison. I'll try to get the remaining cast of Rick, Old Man and Chumlee done soon.


scott said...

Chumlee is the coolest MF'er in the world, I love that guy... I hope my kids are a smart as him some day. Great illo, looking forward to our next project.

JWoods said...

I love the show too, constantly storing & watching episodes on the DVR. The items that pop up are really interesting, but I can't stand Big Hoss. Rick, the old man & especially Chum are great, but Fat Hoss is a cocky jerk. The art is great but the subject matter is lacking (except in size). He wouldn't have or know anything if it weren't for his dad and gramps, but he acts like he funded the business and knows everything naturally. I would say he needs some humble pie, but pie is the last thing he needs.