Wednesday, May 19, 2010

30 things you can do!

These were for a WWE for Kids feature about 30 things kids can do in 1-30 minute activities.

4 Minutes: See how many words you can spell using the letters found in "The Great Khali." We'll spot you one: "Great."

17 Minutes: Learn the words to a WWE Superstar's entrance theme—and stop blasting your friends' ears with your Santino impression.

21 Minutes: Help a bud who's having difficulty with something—schoolwork, chores, or whatever else he could use a tag team partner to overcome.

26 Minutes: Clean your room, making sure to find any and all lost sandwiches in it. PSSST! Pretend you came up with the idea yourself, we won’t tell.

Scholastic Calendar Series 2010

This will be the third year in a row that Scholastic has asked me to do their Summer Calendar Series. It's a calendar inspiring kids to read over the summer months. The project was 3 big illos and a spot with the themes Fantasy and Adventure, Thrills and Chills and People and Places. This was for People and Places.

Always a great day when I can work with AD Jim Sarfati. His raw New York humor always puts a smile on my face.

busy busy busy!

Lately I've gotten some complicated busy spreads to work on...this being one of them...For Highlights Mag. Simple find what's wrong...basically everything is wrong...ha!

Down East Mysteries feature

It seems I get to work for Down East Magazine about once a year...I wish it was more often because their features are always so much fun to work on.
This particular feature was a full spread and 2 spots depicting various Maine urban legends and mysteries.
Dawna Hilton the AD is the bomb (can you still say that?)