Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beggin, Beggin, Beggin!

One of my favorite clients that I have been really fortunate enough to work with over the years is Purina. Here is some recent packaging we've done. The style of the dog (Hamlet) is a little more traditional but effective for their campaign. He is an icon going back many years and every 5 years or so it seems his appearance evolves. Glad to be a part of the latest evolution.



The new look of the Beggin Strips dog you have created for purina is TERRIFFIC!!
I was one of the many local (St Louis)
Illustrators that was involved in the Treats packaging for RP, over the years. The last "look", before your new, current style, was artwork that I created for the same packaging.
They are a great client, and I wish you many more successful projects with them in the future.
Bill Vann
St. louis, Mo.

Anonymous said...

i love that you said Hamlet :)