Sunday, May 10, 2009

Summer Reading

Here's a series that I did For Scholastic recently. Jim Sarfati the AD had used me on a similar job last year with one illo. The concept was for a calendar series reminding kids to read over the summer months. Because last year's illustration was a success, I got to do 3 this time around...Thanks Jim!


elena said...

I love your sketches!
it's very nice how they change and get so much volume with your collage-like stile

Erin Hunting said...

Excellent concept & idea.
Such fun artwork too-I am especially taken with the final image. So much detail to take in & that tiger is too good :)

jimmy said...

The idea was small in comparison to the imagination & surprise the artist brought, Dean, given a small concept, carried it away -
I have worked with many illustrators, Dean is one of the very best!

jim sarfati

Debbie Meyer said...

Awesome work, Dean. Love the whale reading a book. Adorable.